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Biosafety and The Cartagena Protocol

As a designated National Competence Center for Biosafety, Genøk is engaged in research, teaching, advisory- and capacity building activities that focuses particular on the safe use of modern biotechnologies.

Genøk provides assessment of applications for the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) under the Norwegian Gene Technology Act. In accordance with the aim of the Norwegian Gene Technology Act, production and use of the GMO shall besides avoiding risks to health and the environment take place in an ethically and socially justifiable way, with contribution to sustainable development. Through biosafety courses and research collaboration do Genøk support national- and regional research institutes and governments that wish to implement the Cartagena Protocol that entered into force in 2003. Norway is one of the 170 countries that have signed the protocol and is thereby bound by its obligations regarding safe transfer, use of and handling of GMO.

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