GenØk has been evaluated by the Ministry of Climate and Environment


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Summary of report
This report represents the output from the Research Evaluation Panel into the scientific quality of the publications generated by GenØk – Centre for Biosafety. The analysis covers the period from 2010- 2018. Following an introduction to the work of GenØk and the larger context of Norwegian policy in this area, the report summarizes GenØk’s scientific focus, staffing and publication levels. The Research Evaluation Panel presents its specific research evaluation under four thematic headings: environment/toxicology; virology/immunology; microbiology/molecular biology; ELSA – Ethical, legal and social aspects of new technologies/social sciences. The overall scientific quality of GenØk’s research output is rated as ‘very good’ (a grade of 5 on a 7-point scale). Finally, the report identifies some areas of synergy and knowledge gap identification in GenØk’s work before noting GenØk’s unique contribution to a field of significant scientific as well as societal concern.

The Environment Agency evaluated GenØk’s advisory activities (in Norwegian).

Statement from the Ministry (in Norwegian)