SAMKUL funding for GenØk-project on biotechnologies and human/nature relations in the search for sustainable food


The Research Council of Norway has awarded NOK 70,6 mill. to eight new SAMKUL-projects. Among these are GenØk’s project “ReWrite: New knowledge to navigate the rewriting of human/nature relations through genome editing in the search for sustainable food” with Fern Wickson as Project Manager.

The objective of the project is to generate new knowledge on how human/nature relations are perceived, performed, communicated and changed through biotechnologies. Knowledge generated will contribute to decision making on genome editing in a way that can supplement scientific and economic information concerning its role in sustainable food production.

The objective of SAMKUL is to generate new knowledge about the cultural dimension of challenges facing society today. This will be achieved through interpretation, understanding and exposition of the cultural premise for the shaping of society and of social development. The call received 64 applications, which in total applied for NOK 549 mill.