Assessment: GT73 oilseed rape


GenØk-Centre for biosafety refers to the re-application EFSA/GMO/RX/002 on GT73 oilseed rape for import, processing, and feed or ingredients thereof.

We have assessed the documents available, and highlights in particular the following points for the current re-application for GT73 oilseed rape:

  • The genemodified rapeseed event GT73 is banned in Norway based on the potential for spread and hybridization with wild relatives in Norway, that spread of foreign genes is not wanted in Norwegian environments and due to rapeseed seeds being able to survive in soil and still be able to sprout after several years1.
  • Genemodified rapeseed event GT73 is tolerant to glyphosate, a herbicide with potential health and environmental damages upon use
  • Genemodified rapeseed event GT73 has not been found to exert any risk towards animal and human health (made by Norwegian Food Authority and Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety).
  • No new data is provided that change the evaluation made by the Norwegian Environment Agency in 2008 (1) regarding social utility and sustainability.

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Assessed by: Idun GrønsbergLilian van HoveBerit Tømmerås

Photo: iStock_000007182325