Senior scientist Fern Wickson was made an honorary fellow of the ATLAS


IMG_05741During the 2016 ATLAS conference senior scientist Fern Wickson was made an honorary fellow of the international organization ATLAS – the Academy of Transdisciplinary Learning and Advanced Studies.

This was a recognition of her outstanding contributions to the field of transdisciplinary research and education.

TheATLAS is a non-profit organization providing services to universities around the world. TheATLAS provides the following critical services:

  • Transdisciplinary education and research,
  • Support social, environmental, economical and ethical sustainable development throughout the world,
  • To promote global information exchange through innovative publishing, and
  • To promote “open laboratory” for the “global mind”: a place where great minds gather to collaborate and facilitate transformations in solving complex global problems while creating a place where eminent researchers gather to develop new transdisciplinary approaches