Socio-economic considerations in GMO regulations


Binimelis, R., Myhr, A. I. (2016) Inclusion and implementation of socio-economic considerations in GMO regulations: Needs and recommendations, Sustainability, 8,62: doi:10.3390/su8010062

There is an increasing interest in socio-economic considerations in assessments of GMOs.  Rosa Binimelis and Anne Ingeborg Myhr have published a paper in the journal Sustainability where they describe the state of the art of existing biosafety institutional frameworks, legislation and policies with provisions on socio-economic considerations. They analyse the scope of the socio-economic considerations that have been included, the methodological options taken and the role of participatory processes and stakeholders involvement in the GMO-related decision-making.  One recommendation if that there is a great need for training on how to perform assessments of socio-economic considerations, as well as reflection on possible ways for inclusion of participatory processes.

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