GM Salmon: knowledge gaps, uncertainties and questions


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This chapter on GM salmon is from the recently published GenØk report “Uncertainty and Knowledge Gaps related to Environmental Risk Assessment of GMOs”. This report provides a detailed discussion of uncertainties, knowledge gaps and research needs related to the potential use and introduction of GMOs. It covers GM plants, antibiotic resistance marker genes, GM vaccines, gene therapy and medicinal products containing or consisting of GMOs, as well as GM microorganisms, GM trees and GM salmon.

The salmon chapter addresses knowledge gaps, uncertainties and questions surrounding GM salmon, and among the issues raised are:

  • effects of construct composition, site of integration and gene dosage on expression and effectiveness of the transgene
  • effects of genetic background and the impact of pleiotropic and epigenetic effects on the resulting phenotype
  • the importance of comparative studies

A discussion about questions related to ecological impact, and the potential containment of GM salmon is also included, focusing on:

  • current knowledge about escape and survival of domestic salmon
  • potential impacts on wild salmon populations
  • other ecosystem impacts (on species with similar niches, potential prey, trophic interactions etc.)
  • potential for physical and reproductive containment of GM salmon

Chapter 5 – GM salmon
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