Assessment of the technical dossier for GM carnation is published


The application C/NL/13/01 concerning genetically modified carnation, SHD-27531-4, is submitted by Suntory Holdings Limited.


GenØk cannot see that this type of carnation pose any risk to health and the environment when imported into Norway. In its cultivating land, Colombia, the carnation might represent an environmental risk caused to its tolerant to the spray klorsulforon. When it comes to social utility and sustainability the applier does not provide any information about this in the cultivation land. A potential benefit to society in Norway will depend on whether Norwegian consumers will think that a wider variety of carnation will be interesting. GenØk cannot see that this type of carnation represents a great benefit to society in Norway or that the application meets the Norwegian Gene Technology Act requirement that GMOs will contribute to a more sustainable development.

Our conclusion is that the Norwegian authorities on the basis of such application exists today does not approve the use of genetically modified carnation, SHD-27531-4 for import and sale.

The assessment is written by Lise Nordgård, Idun M. Grønsberg and Marek Cuhra.

Follow this link if you want to read the entire assessment. (Norwegian)