Science days 2013, GenØk invites to debate about GM salmon


Norwegian farmed salmon is generally recognized as a healthy meal and is very popular amongst consumers. Norwegian producers can barely satisfy the huge demand for ever increasing quantities of this delicious seafood. The salmon farming industry has good reason to expect continued growthforskningsdagene 2013

But, the debate concerning fish quality and the importance of salmon feed continues. The feed for farmed fish is increasingly based on protein biomass from various agriculture products, such as soybean and maize. Environmentalists as well as scientists claim that this contributes to less than optimal fish health and warn that the increasing use of shortcuts such as genetically modified feed ingredients (GMOs) may turn out to cause more problems than benefits.

During the National Science Days these questions will be discussed at a debate involving scientists, environmental groups, consumer interests and representatives from the salmon farming industry.

Norges Fiskerihøgskole – UiT Norges Arktiske Universitet

Onsdag 18. september, 14.00 -15.30

The debate will be in Norwegian