As a response to Monsantos withdrawal from the EU market, GenØk urges the need for research and capacity building in developing countries


The British newspaper The Daily Telegraph is disclosing that Monsanto will withdraw all of its EU applications for approval for new crops for cultivation in Europe.

The Daily Telegraph published the news about the change in Monsantos strategy for the European market on the 18 July 2013.

The reason for this withdrawing is according to the Telegraph frustration within Monsanto concerning delays over clearing of existing crops at the EU level. Monsanto will now intensify focus on GM crops for growth in non-EU countries and on import on these GM crops to the EU market.

For GenØk –Centre for biosafety this news  exemplifies the importance of research in developing countries. This is especially related to research on potential adverse effects on health and environment as well as on socio-economic issues and impacts on sustainability. There is also an urgent need for capacity building among policy-makers, regulators, scientists and civil society organizations in developing countries. GenØk will continue and seek to strengthen our capacity building activities as our Norad funded courses and the newly etablished risk assessment support service that is available for developing countries.