The Biosafety Assessment Tool

BAT is developed as a collaborative project between Centre for Integrated Research in Biosafety (INBI), New Zealand and GenØk, and is a part of the capacity building programme financed by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad).

The BAT is a free-to-the-public online resource to aid in the risk assessment of GMOs, accessible to specialists and non-specialists alike. The information includes deep subject reviews, case studies based on existing GMOs, and emerging issues of risk or social, cultural or economic impact. The BAT tool helps the identification of relevant risk issues related to the use of genetically modified organisms in food, feed, medicine or release into the environment. The BAT makes it possible for the user to construct a comprehensive and context-specific assessment of technical information, as well as to identify what additional issues or uncertainties must be addressed by either regulatory authorities or the applicant.


  • A guide on how to approach a GMO application
  • GMO application content
  • Risk assessment examples (can be used as templates)
  • Interactive database with information on how to assess environmental, societal, political and economic contexts in addition to scientific risk
  • Check lists for risk assessments

Download BAT