Frøydis Gillund

Title: Scientist (10 %)
Phone: +47 77 64 69 58
Mobile: +47 94 86 22 25

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Frøydis Gillund has a Masters Degree in Natural Resource Management from the University of Life Sciences (Ås) and an undergraduate degree in Development Studies from Oslo University College. She started as a PhD student at GenØk – Centre for Biosafety in 2006. Title of her PhD thesis is: “Mapping Uncertainties in Policy-Relevant Science – Treating Modern Biotechnology in Aquaculture with precautions.” Frøydis is particularly interested in dealing with scientific uncertainty in research and decision making, scientific disagreements and experts’ role in risk assessment and decision-making, participatory methods of risk assessment, and ethical and social issues related to the use of genetically modified organisms. Her dissertation dealt with scientists and decision makers’ understanding and management of scientific uncertainty associated with the use of modern biotechnology in aquaculture with a special focus on DNA vaccines and genetically modified feed. After completing her PhD degree Frøydis has worked as a researcher at GenØk, at the Department for Society, Ethics and Ecology (SEED). Her research concerns various issues related to the introduction of genetically modified potatoes with increased resistance to late blight in Norway. In addition, she has since 2010 been the scientific coordinator for GenØk’s biosafety courses, both in Tromsø and in different parts of the world. From January 2012 to Frøydis will be working as a postdoctoral researcher on the project: “Genetically Modified Potato Late Blight Resistance with – Deliberate Examination of Sustainability, Ethical and Social Aspects”.


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